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Listen to me talk about Reiki and Meditation on the Healing Place Podcast here.

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Beginning Meditation

Learn to go within with these four, private 50 minute sessions! $188


You can learn to meditate and go deeper within. I have helped many people overcome the Monkey Mind and go within.  This is a package of 4 sessions with me on Zoom. I can work around your schedule. Call or text me for more information, and we will set up your sessions!

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Go beyond chakra balancing and ENTER your own chakras to discover your unique gifts and messages. Learn more.

Understand and connect to Reiki like you've NEVER been taught to before.
Learn about its origins, rooting from ancient Japanese Shinto culture, incorporate original Reiki healing methods into your practice, and expand your bandwidth and capacity for Reiki energy. Learn more.

learn meditations created to produce ENLIGHTENMENT
Be personally guided through life-changing, mind-purifying meditations originating from Buddhism, Shamanism, and Reiki. Learn more.


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Concrete Wall

Wow! I sensed that I had an energy block in my body. While traveling to Hilton Head, I made an appointment with Janet Young for a Reiki session. Janet was able to quickly identify two areas that had large blocks and then cleared them. The next day so much opened up in my life. An opportunity presented itself that was literally life changing...


Mandy C.

Reiki Session

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