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Hello, my name is Janet Young.

I have been conscious of the subtle and invisible realms of energy most of my life. It is my honor to offer you Meditation Coaching, Reiki sessions and classes, Advanced Chakra Energy Techniques, and private Animal Spirit Totem Readings.

Love is at the heart of what I do. All of my work is heartfelt and genuine. Meditation, Reiki Energy Practices, and Chakra Journeys are transformative practices. I offer you my full attention, teachings, coaching, and services. I have had many years of skilled practice and would love to help you develop and grow your skills, overcome obstacles, and feel more harmony within! 

Janet Young

Reiki Master Teacher

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As a child...

I was a natural intuitive and empath. I often saw and communicated with the dead. Psychic and spiritual energy has been a big part of my life. I had a childhood in the Northwoods on a large farm. I was literally in the woods from sunrise to sundown and many, many nights, I camped out in the woods. This was my choice. I felt nurtured in the forest. The natural world is our foundation for life and a direct connection to Pure Source energy. 

As a young adult, I spent several years volunteering in missionary work assisting the homeless in Chicago, and later graduated from the Dovestar Institute of Holistic Technology. My studies included: meditation, body alchemia, Reiki, and massage therapy. After I began seeing Animal Spirit Totems in my client’s chakras, I took some classes in Shamanic Studies to gain understanding of the animal spirits and began the practice of Shamanic journeying. I am a licensed Meditation Teacher. I can assist you in your meditation goals. As a massage therapist, I have many advanced certifications. I am also certified in Sound Healing, with the use of tuning forks for chakra balancing.

I have developed many ways of achieving chakra balance, both remotely and in person. I also work with crystals and teach how to use Reiki crystal grids to transmute energy and to create manifestations. I have been a successful Reiki Master Teacher since 2008. I have seen many clients come to me with pains, ailments, and emotional energies stuck in their bodies or energy fields who found relief with energy therapies and meditation. I have enjoyed watching my Reiki students expand their skills, build confidence, and receive all the gifts that becoming a Reiki practitioner brings. 

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