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Yes, YOU can do Reiki. 

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Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing through direct application of Ki energy. 


Reiki can be hard to convey in mere words. Language has a limited dimensionality, whereas Reiki is multi-dimensional. It has to be experienced to be understood. It is practiced with the laying of hands and can also be sent to someone long distance. It goes beyond the symptoms of disease and stress to treat the root causes on a cosmic energetic level. It boosts the immune system, creates energetic shifts and brings one into a deeply peaceful resting state. Reiki is unlimited.  You may feel some tingling or heat from the energy. In the Life Force Energy of Reiki, the Reiki Master has undergone a series of attunements that have increased their ability to channel Ki.


Within Reiki, there is a spiritual level energy that is equated with the cosmos. We are all an infinite source of the Divine within us. Reiki utilizes this potential with the consciousness of the energy of Ki. When practiced regularly, it unifies body, mind, and spirit, restoring harmony within you and radiating it out!

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From the Japanese, Rei (higher power) and Ki (life force energy), also known as Qi in Chinese, Prana in Hindu, Mana in Hawaiian. Reiki is the marriage of Spiritual energy and Life force energy.

Reiki is dear to my heart, and it works!

Reiki has forever affected me, guiding me free from illusion. Ordinarily, it takes many years of meditation and training to reach a state of expansion that is beyond illusion. Reiki, when practiced diligently, is brilliantly designed to get you there more quickly.


As an ancient wellness practice, it has within it a code of ethics, a set of precepts, and a series of Japanese Reiki symbols, and attunements. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher since 2008. Call me to experience a Reiki Energy session or to take a Reiki class. I am also teaching Mikao Usui’s original Hatsurei Ho Reiki meditation and offering one on one Reiki coaching which includes perception training to enhance a unified mind, body, and spirit, to increase Ki, and to hone your Reiki skillset.

Janet Young


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